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Welcome to the collection of photoessays at Africaphotos.com.  Please feel free to contact Africaphotos.com with comments or questions about any of the photos displayed here.  All are available for your publication needs.

We will be adding new photoessays from time to time.  Please check back frequently for new work.

Conflict in the Horn  

NEW:  Kuito, Angola:  Land of Mines.

June 2000, Conflict in the Horn:  Ethiopia-Eritrea.
Photos by Anthony Morland

Zanzibar votes:  The island's troubled election.
Photos by Anthony Morland

Zimbabwe:  Tsungirirai AIDS Orphanage...Portraits
Photos by Jeremy Wallace

Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Democracy at work:  Senegal elections, 2000.


Liberia during war.

Sierra Leone during war.

The final days of Zaire, April-May, 1997.

1997:  Kinshasa at the end of Mobutu.

A collection of the bizarre and funny.